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Barcelona, Ager

Per week: € 960
Non-flying: € 500
Per day: € 160 Non-flying: € 80
Includes: Local transport, accommodation, breakfast, cable car and retrieve
Only Guide: € 45 Guide & transport: € 80


Guided Cross Country, only € 960 per week, we recommend two weeks or more stay due to the distance you will have to travel. Includes:

  • In the air guiding
  • Accommodation with buffet breakfast
  • Daily transport to take off
  • Retrieve service with GPS trackers
  • Daily XC briefingandde-briefings
  • limited to 16 pilots per trip, min 5 (for less contact us)
  • Transfer from internal airport (Quito)
  • Julio Rivera has been flying and guiding here for last years and Iamlivig in this area I am also a competition, GB. EC. ES. instructor and tandem pilot. This is a guided cross country trip and not an area for low airtime pilots. You will need to be able to take off unaided, thermal proficiently and already have some cross country experience. The day starts early and on good days we will be in the air for a few hours. We will flying in the Ager valley visiting at least 3 different flying areas.

Tour dates: Sep-Oct every year combine with tandems flights